At the Start

When I was only nine years old, I started learning piano. I had wanted to be a paleontologist and an artist before that fateful January back in third grade. But the second I started playing music, I knew it would never leave my life.

Present Day

I’ve been a designer, an artist, a rock star, a writer, a radio DJ, a husband, a teacher, a praise leader, a father, and a recording engineer. And I don’t plan on stopping my exploration into the future yet.

Music and Thoughts

On this site, I hope to chronicle some of the events that brought me here, and that continue to cause me to grow. I also want to share the fruits of my experience – my music. I don’t claim to have the most fascinating, inspiring, or exciting of lives, but I am always ready to learn something new.

My Music

I’ve been soaked in music for my whole life. I love punk, metal, ska, alt, indie, and pop. I tend to write CCM and electronica. I also like writing ambient and instrumental music. If I have a spark, I try not to let boundaries keep me from following it.

Find More

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Regardless, do not lose the passion to learn new things every day.

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