There is no easy way to be a dad.

But some ways are better than others.

The journey starts with a single moment, but it lasts a lifetime. Let’s make this journey together. Let’s share the struggles, the victories, and the hacks that make life incredible.

The Dad

I became a dad in 2010. It was a huge shock to the system—everything we did before then seemed so insignificant compared to raising our new son. And then we had another. And another. And yet another. Now, we have six kids. Craziness.

But it was the blessing above all other blessings in my life. These kids made me something I could never be without them. And it started a journey that won’t end until I leave this life.

I’m a flawed, sometimes short-tempered, and almost always short-sighted person. But I want to be better every day for my kids. That means trying new things, failing and trying again, and finding a way to bring wisdom and experience to their lives.

The Husband

This is about more than just being a better dad. It’s being a better husband. I married Jenn, the love of my life, in 2003, and it’s been a rollercoaster ride of joy and frustration ever since.

But the ups and downs are part of the trip. We are still working to love each other as purely as possible, and I’m still struggling to be the best husband I can be. God’s got my back, but I don’t always follow His advice.

This site is a small way for me to reflect and focus on what my vision is as a husband and a father, and hopefully a chance for others to learn as well.

The Man

Husband and Father are my two pillar titles, but there’s life beyond these. I’m a worship leader for a small church, and I have a passion for music (I used to be a music teacher, but I’m in a different chapter of life now).

More important than my job, though, is the fact that I’m always striving to be more like Christ. I’m learning to love others as He loves me, and I’m learning to create opportunities to bless people along the journey.

The Vision

This site’s vision is to be a blessing to dads, families, working parents, stay-at-home parents, and kids everywhere. I want to make sure everyone can live an adventure, even if they never leave their town.

If you like what you see and read, feel free to keep browsing. If you’re really into it, sign up for my mailing list, and I’ll send out a few interesting thoughts now and then.

Regardless, do not lose the passion to learn new things every day, and do not lose the vision of becoming the best dad/parent/adventurer you can be.

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