Five Things to Make The Other Ten Thousand Minutes Count

Five Things to Make The Other Ten Thousand Minutes Count

On a recent All About Worship podcast (episode 173 – highly recommended!), songwriter and worship leader Tim Timmons shared some amazing thoughts. One particular idea struck a chord with me.

Tim said that worship leaders prepare for the week’s service to a ridiculous extent. As he put it, we spend our weeks preparing for what is likely around 80 minutes of actual service time.

But any given week, there are 10,080 total minutes.

Do the math: we spend a huge amount of time preparing for what is essentially less than ONE PERCENT of our week!

Now, to be honest, it’s not just worship leaders who may fall into this trap. Even the people in the pew wait all week to walk with God. We build and build and build up to this short encounter with God, only to leave the other 10,000 minutes of our week completely forgotten. We trudge from Monday through Saturday, just anticipating the short worship time on that Sunday morning, all the while forgetting what Jesus demonstrated every day of his life on this planet: real worship is what happens when you live your life.

We see this in his chastising of the Pharisees at the temple, we see this as he condemns the rich and proud, we see this as he breaks the misconception of what the Sabbath really means.

Real worship is what happens when you live your life. Click To Tweet

Sunday isn’t the point of the week. Sunday is only a chance to reposition our week on the path Jesus showed us.

Here are five things we can do for the other 10,000 minutes of worship:

  1. Make time to pray. Not just the quick “while I’m doing something else” kind of prayer. Talk to God. He is listening, and He will speak to you.
  2. Read scripture daily. I find that I read scripture best when I make a point to do so. Perhaps this means a half hour one night a week. It might mean a bible study with trusted friends. It could be your Bible app sending you the verse of the day when you get up in the morning. Whatever it is, schedule it. Don’t promise yourself you’ll take time when it’s convenient. Plan the time intentionally.
  3. Make time to be still. Scripture actually states it: be still and know that He is God. Listen for the movement of the Holy Spirit. What does God want of you today? In this moment? In the next year? We move all the time. We are busy all the time. We weren’t meant to be that crazy. Be still.
    We weren't meant to be that crazy. Be still. Click To Tweet
  4. Be joyous, lovin, kind, and compassionate. At every opportunity, in every situation, even when life sucks. Don’t let the world condemn you to misery. God is a God of joy. Sadness will surround us, but it shall not overcome us. Be the light in this world. Be the flavor the world craves.
  5. Reach out to someone who is hurting. If you have a friend who is going through a rough spot, don’t just send them prayers. Be there beside them. Go have coffee, go sit in their living room, help them clean up or organize or fold laundry or WHATEVER. Just don’t substitute your prayer for actual support. Jesus never did.

So, whether you’re a worship leader or just another face in the congregation, be mindful every day of what kind of worship service you are holding–in your workplace, on the street, in your home.

The other 10,000 minutes are the ones that really count.

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