Happy Birthday to Me: New Music Release 
Happy Birthday to Me: New Music Release 

Happy Birthday to Me: New Music Release 

I’m having another birthday. And since I haven’t released any new music yet this year, I felt it was time to make it happen!

As of 23 November, you can go to my BandCamp page and download FOR FREE my new single “Southpaw.” This instrumental hip-hop style track is a little something I started working on in the spring and kept hesitating to release officially. I started in GarageBand with a few sounds and MIDI plugins, added some guitars and bass, and then shipped it over to Studio One for mastering/enhancing. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to put it online just because I am always a little fearful of what will come of releasing something as personal as music.

But now it’s time. And what better way to release it than to give it as a birthday present from me to anyone who wants it! If you love it, you can also slip a little donation my way, but there are no strings attached to this track, so feel free to listen, download, and enjoy wherever you are.

Thanks for your support, no matter what price you pay. Honestly, your pleasure in my music is a great payment in and of itself.

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