The God War

This post is highly religious.  Be warned.

So I’m reading an article on intercessory prayer as a healing technique (, and a lot of people have commented on the concept of prayer meant for healing (as in, you pray for a relative or friend who’s in the hospital so they may have a fast recovery).  Apparently, the study on this has totally pissed off a lot of people.  And all of those people insist that it’s ridiculous to believe such a thing.  They like to call it the “Placebo Effect” (relating to people feeling better because they think they are getting better because of an outside aid, whether or not it’s actually helping).

What irks me is that the study does point to improvement, but everyone that reads it immediately goes into a “God does not exist” argument in order to dismiss it.  Regardless of its factuality, most “scientific” types instantly discredit it because it refers to a divine force.  Then they spend the remainder of their energy on trying to prove the non-existence of God (or any other divine apparition) in order to make a point about how it can’t actually help because there’s nothing there to support the help.

The thing that fascinates me most, though, is that scientists still don’t get the idea of faith.  I, being a Christian, realize that I cannot prove God exists with empirical evidence.  No matter what I say or do, my entire argument is based on a being that cannot be seen or proven other than through faith or death.  If I were a scientist, though, I believe I would realize that no matter what evidence I dig up, any argument I make can be dismissed just as easily by Christians because my entire system depends upon the idea that God does not and cannot exist–and there is still no way to prove the absence of something that you cannot prove exists either.

So, my basic concern is this:  Why do we spend so much time arguing back and forth?  Scientists spend far too much energy trying to disprove the unseeable, and Christians spend to much energy trying to prove what depends solely on faith.  It doesn’t make sense!  Instead of working towards providing a strong model of Christian love and faith, Christians are sucked into a perilous and paradoxical argument that will have no end until the world implodes upon itself–and even then, it won’t matter which side is truly right (if it’s Christians, the ones who don’t believe will simply realize the mistake, and if it’s atheists, no one will know the better).

In conclusion, here is my plea to Christians around the world (and to faithful peoples of all cultures): ignore science.  Do not get drug into it.  If you are faithful, then do not be tempted by the secular time wasters.  What matters is your faith and your demonstration of faith.

And here is my plea to Scientists and Atheists: move on.  Spend your energy trying to find a cure, not arguing that there is no supreme being.  And while you’re doing that, we’ll make sure and pray for our family members to get better since scientists are too hung up on God theory.

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